List creation bug (massive lag)

Testing version: 1.0 (362)

What were you doing: working on a mixed list (ol with ul)

What feature did you use: Initially started the list markup by hand then used the auto list creation after that. I obviously had to manually change some of the second level OL to bullets.

What happened: When I tried to auto create “8.” list creation bugged out and massive lag set it rendering the the editor unusable. I saved and quit, but same issue. There’s no lag when a new document is created even with the funky one open.

Here’s what I wrote as it was happening:

Bug: As I was writing the list below, something happened at “8. Footnotes” and the app started seriously lagging. It was at this point, creating the “8.” where Panda would no longer create an OL automatically so I had to create it manually. Hopefully I can include this file for y’all to look into. I have no idea how this is possible, but I messed around and there’s no lag above this paragraph. But this paragraph and everything below is laggy. I’ve never seen anything like this in any text editor, so hooray for an interesting bug!! Oh and since this probably matters, the lag happened in the list below, then I came up and added this paragraph below the “couple things” paragraph above.

What did you expect to happen: Normal list creation and no lag.

I’ve got a screen recording of the lag and the file in question saved. I’ll attach the file here, but I’m guessing the screen recording will be too big to attach so lemme know if you want it. Aaaand the forum doesn’t allow .md files lol. I’ll attach a .txt version for ya. This is a duplicate of the funky file and I opened it in Panda before changing it to .txt and it had the same bug. If you need the original .md file lemme know where to send it.

Panda Alpha.txt (6.0 KB)

Hello there,

thank you for reporting this and uploading the file, I’ve now enabled upload of Markdown files :slight_smile:

That lag behaviour is very strange indeed, but the good news is that I’ve managed to reproduce it, so I should be able to fix that soon!

Also all the feedback inside the file is great for us :wink:

Hey! We’ve just release an update that should solve the list problem, you can update using the menu Panda -> Check for updates.

Hey Matteo—

Just updated and checked it out. Lists are working fine here too, even massive ones. Keep up the great work! I’ll report bugs as I find them :+1:

Oh and I just want to reiterate once more how much I prefer seeing the heading level (H1, H2, etc) and having it outdented… its a unique thing that not many markdown editors do and it’s just so nice imo. The new icon is not only super cryptic and confusing. The old style had a nice visual pop to it without calling undue attention to itself. If you decide to go down the path of the new icon, PLEASE offer something in settings for the old styling :pray: