List creation, text alignment & Indent

Testing version: Version 2.0 (11657)

What were you doing: creating a list

What feature did you use: list

What happened: after listing a few bullet points, I wanted to stop and going back to the main body copy. To do that I’ve tried 2 options:

  • clicking ‘backspace’: bullet point list was correctly removed but copy was aligned with the list and not with the normal paragraph. You can notice the “tab space” but you cannot delete it.
  • clicking 2 times on “return”: you get back to the original alignment but it will add an empty line between the last point of the bullet list and the new paragraph

What did you expect to happen: when in a list creation mode, after clicking on backspace or clicking twice on return, user should get back to the original text alignment, without any empty line

Same behaviour for me.

All these behaviors are correct, Markdown requires a blank line after a list to interrupt it.

Anything before the blank line is still part of the list (so it’ll be indented) and the double return inserts a blank line to end the list.


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I did notice that a while ago and thought it wasn’t really super elegant in the way it looks… but with the bit I knew about markup I realised it was unavoidable…

definitely not super elegant, especially when you compare to heading: when you do a new heading in a new line, there is no blank line in between and actually it automatically creates a very smooth spacing with the previous copy.