[Lists] Bear 2 - Copying a list item to a sub list

Testing version: Version 2.0 (9695)

What were you doing: Copy pasting a list item

What feature did you use: Copy+paste

What happened: Double bulleting of a list item on paste

What did you expect to happen: a single bullet should be created and the new list item(s) should maintain relative indenting from the original copied item, based on the indent level of the list item that it was pasted to.

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This was also a problem in Bear 1.0. It would be great if it could be improved in Bear 2.0

I do this all the time in Bear 1 and it drives me nuts. I remember this being fixed in Panda. Maybe a regression.

Besides the double bullets, I expected the paste to follow the indent level of where it was pasted to instead of its original level.

For example, I have level 1 and level 2 indents, I copy and paste them under a level 2 indent. They should become level 3 and level 4. Or at least this is what I expect.

I would paste into a new line if I wanted to retain the original indentation.

I wonder if anyone else expects the same, or perhaps some use case prefer to retain the original indentation levels.