Love that Panda still prioritizes performance and snappy feel

Love how snappy the Markdown editor still feels. I’ve tried other Markdown editors and the main reason I never leave is how seamless Bear feels. There’s basically zero lag in me typing stuff and me seeing characters.

Panda still follows that trend, which is refreshing when other editors collapse under the weight of additional features.

And y’all even improved the one big of snag I did see, which was syntax highlighting and code blocks


Hello there,

thank you! We’re putting a lot of work in maintaining the editor as fast as we can, it’s very important to us and it’s an ongoing effort.

The Panda editor is a big step up from the Bear one, there is still work to be done, but I think we’re on a good road :slight_smile:



+1 Just want to echo that the snappiness, smoothness and “quality feel” of Bear is what kept me using it for years, and brought me back after trying other PKM tools that have more features for different workflows. Was so glad to see Panda continue and enhance the experience. It just makes me feel relaxed while writing, and as someone who does a lot of diff kinds of writing, this is the most important thing!

Thank you and keep it up! :blush: