Panda is exciting and amazing

It’s been a long time since I’ve launched a beta with so much excitement and anticipation. Panda is amazing! Thanks guys for persevering, I know it can’t be easy to develop such a complex editor, but the few minutes I’ve been playing with it have been awesome. Tables, my number 1 request: looking great, and seem to have all the features I would expect to see. Getting rid of the Markdown syntax, my number 2 request: bingo, amazing! Loads of other really cool features: the new custom keyboard is fantastic, nested styling, LOVE the doodling panel (LOOOOOOVE the lined/squared/grid backgrounds). You guys deserve every success because you’re building a fantastic product that gives me joy every time I use it.


I agree. Today was like opening up a great gift. I recently updated my again unsupported MacBook Pro to Big Sur and Panda on macOS looks so nice. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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Thank you folks! We’re glad you’re liking our work, I’ll relay your kind words to the rest of the team.