MacOS notes list: modification date not refreshed when Mac woken from sleep

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (11015)

What were you doing:
I have two Macs - let’s call these A and B:

  1. I use Bear on Mac A. I leave Bear open and put my Mac A to sleep.
  2. I then use Bear on Mac B. I edit various notes.
  3. I then wake Mac A again. When the Mac is woken, Bear’s notes list doesn’t show the correct modification dates for the notes. However, if I click on another category or tag in the list, then back to Notes, the modification dates refresh.

Attached image shows example of incorrect modification dates (as per 3 above):
First screenshot shows modification dates immediately after waking Mac - e.g. “7 seconds ago”
Second screenshots shows modification dates after clicking Untagged and then back to Notes again - modification dates have now updated correctly - e.g. “45 minutes ago”