Markup Closing Tags Causing Issues?

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (10688)

What were you doing:
Folding Headers / Inserting Code / Using Todo Lists

What feature did you use:
Header Folding / Code Insert / Todo List

What happened:
Very inconsistent results owing to not knowing where the closing markup tag is.

Folding Headers

I use a horizontal line to section off different groups. When I fold those groups sometimes the horizontal line is left visible (which is perfect), other times it gets folded up with the header so it looks like this


Heading 2

Heading 3
Heading 4

Inserting Code

Probably the most frustrating one. Unless I pad the note out beforehand I can no longer paste non-code after a code block as the code block always gobbles it up.

The issue is because I can’t see the closing marking tags to delete them. I’m guessing on the note I’m working on they must be right at the end. I can delete the opening tags and the code block disappears, hit return several times after where the code block should end, put the markup tags back at the beginning and it still runs all the way to the end of the note.

$acmeVariable = "Test"
Write-Host ("Variable contents is '{0}'" -f $acmeVariable)


Todo List

Same as the others. You can’t type normal text directly under a todo list checkbox as it tries to tie it in to the todo list even if you remove the check box.


If you’re able to add a toggle markup option (assuming there isn’t one already) then that’ll probably help a bunch with these types of problems as we’ll be able to see why Bear is doing what it’s doing.

As a side note, the editor options can’t come soon enough for me on the macOS version as I write a lot of code and it would be nice to have it full width so it’s not just bunched up in one tiny long column.

What did you expect to happen:
Covered in above section

I remember the headers issue was because the parser interpreted the line below the separator as a setext header but should be fixed now.

I don’t fully understand this report. Can you please provide a quick video and the note?

This sounds to be caused by markdown itself as the list should have an empty line to be closed otherwise the last line is interpreted as the second line of the last list element.