Migration bug for multilines lists

Testing version: Bear 2.0 (all versions)

What were you doing: migration

What happened: extra line under each bullet point

What did you expect to happen: no extra line

I have reported this personally, but trying it again to see if there are any other people with this issue. The left is Bear 1.0 and the right is Bear 2.0.

I expect Bear 2.0 to migrate my notes like this:

This is a bit unfortunate but it is the correct thing to do while migrating.

In Bear 1 we didn’t have support for multi-paragraph list items, so people who did put text just after a list didn’t mean to have it included in the previous list item, and the only solution that we have during migration is to add a newline to separate the text from the list.

We just don’t have the information about the intention of the user in Bear 1, so we have to opt for a generic solution.


That is sad. Almost all my notes are intended for multiline but I understand the concern. I guess I will do some manual shifting for regularly opened notes.