Missing inline images at random after Upgrade to Bear 2.0

Had something on have we? :rofl:


Is there a way to get the missing images back?

I’ve been through a lot of notes visiting web pages to gather the missing content, but there are some items that aren’t available that way.

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@vetiver: there is a way, but it is manual.

Going to Bear notes backup, changing the extension from .bearbk to .zip, uncompressing, going to the title of the specific note, right clicking, showing contents, and finally going to the assets folder.

Now manually dragging each image to its original place within each note.

Complicated process, but it works.

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Thank you very much. Most of the affected notes were web articles that I’d saved, and I got the images from the original sites. For the small number that weren’t replaceable that way, I remembered that my old iPad was still lying around and Bear hadn’t been updated, so I disabled sync to avoid confusion and airdropped the images.

Time consuming, but I think I recovered everything.

That’ll teach me to grab shiny new updates as soon as they are available! (Maybe.)


[Update: ‘disappearing inline images with tabs’ issue fixed in Bear 2.0.3!]

Been testing the update for a couple of days now, and have to say “Thank you!” to the Bear dev team.

All inline images with leading tabs were restored. Back in business!