Must I keep Bear 1 in line with the Bear 2 Beta?

I have just joined the Bear 2 Beta and am loving the new functionality.

Apologies for asking a question which must have been asked before, but I haven’t been able to find the answer so far.

I am a heavy Bear user with multiple new notes created and many changed every day. Now that I’m using Bear 2 Beta, do I need to be prepared to throw away all this new information at the end of the beta? If so, I would need to duplicate everything in Bear 1, ready for a fresh import into the official Bear 2 when it is released.

On the other hand, if the plan is for the Bear 2 Beta database to be preserved and used in the final release, then I would be safe to leave my Bear 1 notes as they are at the moment.

I would be grateful for advice on this.


Hi, the beta is conceived as a playground for testing the new features but is not meant for everyday use. The database will be preserved but notes created or modified on the beta will not automatically move to the official release. When the 2.0 release will be available it will be possible to import .bear files from the beta.

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Thanks for the clarification. I will not commit everything to Bear 2 just in case.

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