New beta version 2.1 - Quick Open!

It would be absolutely INCREDIBLE if we were able to get fuzzy search when adding wiki links to pages, currently it’s so painful when many pages have the same prefix!

Is that something you’re considering?


Seconded! That would be lovely.

Sonoma 14.2 has broken TestFlight (for all apps, not just Bear) - “provisioning profile is invalid” - any advice from the sleuth?

No problems on 17.2 (iOS/iPad)

Solved: Uninstalling and re-installing any app in Testflight fixed it for all apps.

I fixed it by installing the previous build and then updating to the latest one

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+1 for this. Very frequently I’ve found that I can’t link notes properly just by searching with “[[”, and rather have to 1) search for the note in all notes, 2) remember some key words that will allow the “[[” to work, 3) go back to the initial note and type “[[” + some of the keywords I’ve found.

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I knew there was a discussion about this already somewhere. Sorry I created an additional thread, but here’s some additional feedback and use cases: