Quick open / search algorithm does not find separate words in query, leading to potential note duplicates

I love Quick Open and the wikilinks autocomplete, however the search algorithm does not find disjointed words. Sometimes you do not remember the exact title of a note, and it would be wonderful to have the power of the regular search available when Quick Opening or typing a wiki link. At least it’s expected to return entries corresponding to a subset of words, and it’s not.

Case in point: I have a Zettel about how Bear manages tags, in French 202312221459 Réduire plusieurs tags superflus à un seul dans Bear.

The regular search finds it with keywords Bear and tags as expected

However, wiki linking fails to find it even if I type the words in the correct order… tags works

tags bear return nothing

… which is a bummer as this can lead you to think a note does not exist while it does. It’s tedious to go back to the main window and it’s a major block for PKM usage.

Just to show what exists elsewhere, Obsidian’s quick switcher does find such a title with such a query, and then ranks worse results (letters in order) below:

Would it possible to refine the Quick Open / autocomplete algorithm to offer such results?