New line after a folded header shouldn't open the header

Say I have a note organized into sections by header that I typically keep collapsed. I want to add a new section. (For example, a note called "Meetings with John, sections are dates with notes from each meeting, and I want to add a new section for the next meeting.)

I click on the end of the last collapsed header, and hit “return” to add a couple line breaks so I can create the next header and then add content after. What I expect is that the previous header stays collapsed, but what happens is that section automatically opens, and I have to scroll back up to collapse it.

In order to prevent this, I’ve been creating an empty, dummy header at the bottom of the note so I can click into it before hitting return and adding my new section, then deleting the dummy header and adding a new dummy header at the end before collapsing the new section… it’s pretty clumsy.

I think it’s more natural for adding lines after a collapsed section to keep the section collapsed, and if the user wants to add content to a collapsed section, they should intentionally unfold it first.

I understand it might be challenging to figure out how to implement, since conceptually, a section after a header continues until the next header, so when I add a line-break there’s no real way to internally represent that as being outside the previous section… maybe we’d need a shortcut for “add new header below” or “add new header at the bottom” or something? (Or maybe a little applescript would do it? Not my expertise though) Might need some help/creativity to find a good solution.

Also curious if other users have run into this and have a helpful work-around. I’ve also considered just reordering my notes in reverse chronological order, and I might do that because my clunky placeholder thing is, well, clunky.

Thanks for considering!