Folded items unfold when continuing

Testing version:
0.1 (2952)
What were you doing:
Adding text beneath a folded heading containing a table
What feature did you use:

What happened:

  1. Typed text
  2. Converted text to heading using keyboard
  3. Added table
  4. Filled in three rows of the table
  5. Selected heading
  6. Clicked the lines
  7. Folded the heading
  8. Clicked the line below the heading
  9. The heading unfolded

What did you expect to happen:
Number 9 to not happen and the heading to stay folded until purposely unfolded

Hello @platterofhotfish. From your video, it looks like you’re adding content to the same H2 that you just folded. That’s why it auto-expands.

Basically the folding will take ALL content beneath the header down to the next equivalent header. So if you’re using an H2, then folding that H2 will fold everything down to any next H2.

And since you only have one H2 in your note, everything collapses on the fold, but as soon as you start typing, it expands since you are now typing within the single H2.

To achieve what I think you are requesting, you’d want to include a 2nd H2 in your document. So put your table in the first H2 and some new text in a 2nd H2. Then, when you fold the first H2, it will stay folded until you manually unfold it (or start typing anywhere within the first H2 block).

Hopefully this makes sense.


Actually Obsidian works in the way suggested by @platterofhotfish and it’s very frustrating for me that Panda doesn’t work this way. This means I cannot add a heading below a folded heading without that folded heading expanding first.

Folding is the most important feature for me when it comes to note taking. I am super excited that bear is incorporating this feature but, with the current UI, I feel I have to keep collapsing and expanding unnecessarily.

Example from Obsidian: