Folding UI: Adding text and heading below a folded heading without it expanding automatically

Unlike Obsidian, when adding text below a folded heading in Panda, the folded heading automatically expands. It means I cannot add a heading below a folded heading without that folded heading expanding first. I feel the current UI makes me fold and expand unnecessarily all the time and really disrupts my note taking experience.

Here’s an video of how it works in Obsidian and I would love to see Panda incorporate this:

Folding really is the most important feature for me in a note-taking app. I would love to switch to bear from obsidian for researching but the current folding UI is preventing me from doing that.

I don’t feel the Obsidian way makes sense. You are adding text to a folded heading, so it seems logical that it expands, the way Panda does.

I guess the Panda way makes logical sense but creates a lot of inconvenience in reality for someone who deals with a lot of headings. I usually have all my headings folded - whenever I need to add new headings between existing folded headings (which is very often) or below all the folded headings, it becomes cumbersome.

That behaviour seems confusing, to have text i’ve added outside a closed heading gobbled up by the heading, which would require all nee text below a closed heading to be under a new heading.

I prefer panda’s implementation

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