Non-English image OCR doesn't work

Testing version: 2.0 (9969)

What were you doing: OCR of images with text in different languages.

What feature did you use: Paste images → right-click → Copy image transcript.

What happened: OCR works correctly only with English text (tested Cyrillic and Hangul). Also app crash happens pretty often when you do that.

What did you expect to happen: You should be able to OCR such images.

To reproduce, create a note with the following 3 images:


OCR result:

this is english text (correct)
9TO pyCCKMi TeKCT (not correct)
(not correct, just no text)

Some additional things I noticed:

  • It looks like the app tries to use English letters which look similar to the letters on the image
  • Hard crash of the app is pretty often when you use the transcript feature
  • Search for notes with the text on non-English images also doesn’t work (seems like same issue)
  • Search for non-English text of PDF works (seems like different implementation is used for that)
  • I don’t have issues with non-English text recognition in native Apple apps such as Photos

Thanks for reporting this. We currently don’t support Korean and Cyrillic but we will with the next update.
We’ll look into the crash as soon as possible.

I can confirm: it works perfectly with 2.0 (10084).
Thank you very much!

(But to make search feature work, I had to re-paste images again, seems like indexation is done when you paste an image into note.)

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Does it work for French? (I attached an example)

You possibly have to re-do the migration from Bear 1 to Bear 2 if you want notes search to work with attachments.

Yes it does. Are you experiencing otherwise with the image you posted?