Note disappearing from notes list preview after adding an additional tag to it

Hi @trix180

It was matteo who explained in detail how the database works. As far as i understand the database is not aware how many and what tags are placed i a note: if in the db for a note #father/son/grandson is used, then the db cannot know if also the father, the son or even father and son are also residents of the note apart from grandson. For the old bear1 view without hiding subtags that is indeed the most elegant and simple database.

The new view with hidden subtags is 1. so new that it is just used in the private betas, 2. it produces the conflicts just then using tags from same family and 3. you would use tags from same family just on longer notes which is not the typical usage for most users. I am aware that currently it is only me who has a problem with current implementation because i try to use extensive tagging on very long notes.

My stubborn argumentation was directed to your claim that most users would expect what i criticise. And that is something i really do not believe: in my opinion not being able to list all notes with a special tag under all circumstances, neither by new view with “hiding subtags” nor searchbar for notes list is a big flaw. And i think you will admit that clicking on a tag inside a note to see in notes list all notes with that tag while the current notes is kept (imo one of bears best features) leads to the ugly and unexpected side effect that the current note disappears and notes list get empty. Therefore i am not sure how to understand your comment here (I assume a misunderstanding on my side):

I think the time will bring more clarification into that topic: at someday bear 2 will be released as a public version, hundredthousands of user will make their experiences and probably some feedback will arrive - or maybe not because no one cares.

Thank you for the patience you have shown with me! :slight_smile:

I disagree strongly with this comment. It is an incredibly easy concept to communicate; and does not require any additional submenues.

When sub-tags are hidden, the behavior will be:

A note that has “#parent/child” will only show up in the “#parent/child” list.

A note that has “#parent/child” and “#parent” each written separately will show up in the “#parent/child” list and the “#parent” list.

The user simply learns this experientially when tagging notes.

Each time you write a tag in a note, you are writing a path where that note will show up. So, if you write only “#parent/child” the note will only show up in that path. But if you write “#parent” and “#parent/child” the note will show up in both places.

:star: It is the same exact thing as having multiple tags in one note.

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That is exactly what also I would like to have. So I am confused why you disagree with my quoted post. What have you understood? :wink:

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