Note list task completion indicator is visually distracting

The hairline task completion indicator on notes in the note list that is placed immediately above the separator line is visually very distracting to me because it looks like a visual bug. I would love to see this feature pulled out from being paired to the separator line to reduce this quirkiness.

I made some quick mockups of what this could look like to better communicate the idea!


When i started using bear the first time, i even didn’t remark the indicator. I can understand that it can be a matter of taste to like another kind of indicator more than the other. But the current indicator is by far not distracting

Consider this a matter of taste then :slight_smile: I think the current indicator could be better designed to communicate its purpose more clearly.

The first time I remarked the indicator I thought it shows me how much I have read or where my cursor is placed. But I do not believe that any indicator shows it purpose clearly at the beginning as long as some text doesn’t give a hint. But an icon as indicator plus a text for explanation is hundred times more distracting than a simple line

I have had a similar experience with the thick line looking like a visual artifact. I don’t know which of the two options you suggested I like more, but in Things 3, I really like the circle. Granted I use Things for tasks and projects and Bear for packing lists for trips and such.