Quick thought about listing tasks

Since I’ve seen Amplenotes mentioned somewhere… it’s an app I also recently tested and I am stumbling over one tiny issue that I have regarding Bear:
In my experience I learned to use tasks (with check boxes) as little as possible. I use my note-taking app more with long-term notes in mind, not to create shopping lists for the super market. I don’t even mind having no check box at all on my long-term goals. It’s easy enough to cross out a word or change a tag from #todo to #done
So basically tasks with check boxes are more of a way to draw my attention to to-do items of certain importance and urgency. As such, I would find it super helpful if the Link on the left saying “Todo” would not just produce a list of all notes that contain check boxes but rather show the individual tasks.
Would that be possible and/or would anybody else find that useful?