Notes in Archive not fully write protected

Testing version: 2.0 (10984) on iOS and iPadOS

What were you doing: Browsing, selecting and copying text from Archived notes.

What feature did you use: Copy and accidentally paste.

What happened:

  1. I could paste text from clipboard into note or overwrite selected text with paste or Paste From …

    So Paste and Paste From … should be disabled in Archive and Trash

  2. Also Change headings is not disabled, so you can change heading levels. But this should also be disabled.

  3. Foldings are also not disabled, and maybe that’s ok, but if so, it should not change last modified date, which is an important piece of data in archived notes.

What did you expect to happen:
Notes in Archive locked as read only (select, copy and all other read only functions should still be active as they are today)


Thanks again, this will be fixed with the next update.

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I would like to report that in the iOS version, it is once again possible to edit archived notes, even though they are supposed to be in read-only mode.