Tables are open for edit in Archive on iPad/iOS

  • Bear Version: 2.1.8 (12568)

  • OS Version: iPadOS & iOS 17.4.1

  • What were you doing: Browsing and copying text from Archived notes

  • What feature did you use: Select copy etc.

  • What happened:

    1. Tables are unlocked and open for edits of content and all table functions like: Insert, delete, and move cols & rows, etc.
    2. Also triple tap to select paragraphs in regular text (outside tables) does not work in Archive on iPad and iPhone.
  • What did you expect to happen:

    1. Whole note to be frozen, including tables, but have select and copy easily available, like it is in Bear on Mac.
    2. Expect standard select functions to also work on archived notes, like it does in Bear on Mac
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