Option to rotate pdf scans after imported

Loving Bear 2.0! Question: is there a way to rotate a pdf file after it has been created using the camera scan document feature? I know I can rotate photos after the fact. I scan handwritten notes from my notebook for meetings quickly with the thought of adding metadata and tags later on. But I’m finding that once scanned using landscape mode on my iPhone camera, the pdfs are locked into that 90 degrees off scan. Thanks for feedback if there is an option that exists that I did not know about.

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Hi Umar,

I’m afraid we don’t have such an option in Bear but I’ll add your to the features request pool.

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Thank you for the follow up. I’ve found a work around for the moment: when I scan initially within the camera app that pops up, there is an option with an extra step to crop and also rotate. However, when I rotate it, there is a lot of extra white space that ends up being added.

Otherwise, I’m so pleased with Bear 2. I was a paying Evernote customer for about 15 years and now plan to stay with Bear for that long :slight_smile:

Thank you.