Options for markdown export

Feature suggestion: offer options or settings to control how markdown is exported.

Today, I think markdown is exporting the exact, raw markdown data stored in the note. This has some disadvantages. The main problem is that when typing in Bear, lines are wrapped for you, so you don’t tend to put in your own line returns, like you would if writing markdown in a plain text editor. So when you export to markdown, each paragraph comes out as a single, long line.

It would be great if there was an option to reformat the exported markdown for increased readability, like introducing line breaks at the 80 or 120 character column, having the option to export H1 and H2 using the single and double underline convention (ie “setext” headings rather than “ATX” headings).

My goal when I export to markdown is typically to copy a draft of something into another tool, like a confluence page or jira ticket. It would be most valuable for me if the markdown export prioritized the legibility of the exported markdown text, over preserving the fidelity of the raw data in the Bear note.