Pasting URL on iPad

Not really an issue but an oddity. I want to paste a URL into a new line. When my cursor is behind the last letter of the previous line, the content is pasted exactly where the cursor is. That makes sense. But if I hit ‘return’ before pasting and the cursor sits at the start of the new line (where I want to paste) the content gets pasted in a new line below (and I’d have to delete the empty line afterwards). I assume that happens only on the iPad? It’s just a little bit inconvenient…

Yes, this is inconvenient and unexpected. We’ll check as soon as possible.

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If you turn off Smart Punctuation in iPadOS Preferences > General > Keyboard you get the same result?

Switching it off does fix the issue indeed. Thank you… what’s that punctuation useful for?

Adds dots and other punctuations while you write in some conditions but I remember also has some influence on how the clipboard behaves.

That’s a good point… I just looked it up as well and basically it’s mostly about how much better things like quotation marks look like. And in a way that is of course true. And one thing about Bear is of course how much better that whole typography thing looks like. So, where are we or where are we heading? Is switching off smart punctuation the permanent solution (because unfortunately URLs aren’t designed by people who care much about the looks and will therefore cause issues forever)…?

I’m afraid we can’t do much more for this particular issue. That preference bypasses any logic we add to the pasteboard and, for reasons I can’t understand, add carrier return in that condition. The best we (me and you) do is to fill an enhancement request to Apple.

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