H1 in new empty note pushed down on enter

Testing version: 2.0 (10688) MacOS

What were you doing: New note, pressed return to paste a link or a body text. Wanted to write title afterwards.

What feature did you use: ⌘N return ⌘V

What happened: the link or text I pasted became H1 with blank line above.
H1 tag got pushed down when pressing return even though cursor was placed behind the H1 tag (that was auto generated on ⌘N)

What did you expect to happen: H1 to stay steady at top and return give me a new normal line.

This does not happen on iOS/iPad, there this works as expected.

It also happens with any empty Heading anywhere in note: it’s pushed down with return ,
here it also happens on iOS/iPad as well, but here if feels OK :thinking:

Yes, this is not how the header should work. We’ll provide a fix as soon as possible.