PDF export: Empty top level in TOC

Testing version: 0.1 (2936)

What were you doing: Export Welcome.panda to PDF

What feature did you use: Export PDF

What happened: The PDF has an empty/hidden TOP level entry in TOC that has to be expanded to see my Heading 1

What did you expect to happen: Directly see Heading level 1’s in TOC

Hello, we have received a similar issue but apparently, I can’t reproduce the issue with Panda’s welcome note. Do you mind sharing the device and maybe a screenshot of what you mean by “has an empty/hidden TOP level entry in TOC”?

The bug is very visible when you export the default Welcome file.

Same bug in export on both on MacOS and iOS:

In Preview app you can see a document top level TOC (as file name),
but it’s expanded by default:

Top level TOC with file name in folded state: