Photos uploaded in iPhone not syncing to iPad

Uploaded images to a note through iPhone app. Images aren’t syncing to iPad app. Instead, they’re showing up as grey/blank jpegs.

Using latest Bear version 2.1.

Is this bug known / being fixed?

Hello and thanks for reporting this bug. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the issue but maybe I’m missing something. Can you please tell me how you are inserting the images on iPhone?

Thanks. On iPhone, I’m inserting images through the BIU button, then long hold on the image button, and upload through existing photo album.

Any chance you don’t have enough free space on iCloud. If this is not the case, please write to our support, because we should analyze your logs to understand the issue.

Thank you! I think that was the issue. I hit my iCloud storage cap recently, and just increased my tier so hopefully so should be good to go now.