Picture inside the table

Hi! I would like to propose an idea for the possibility of inserting pictures into tables. I know markdown doesn’t provide this, but I’m sure a solution can be found.


I have this same feedback - I would love to be able to put not just pictures, but also any attachment (esp. PDFs, no preview needed in a table).

I actually contacted Bear support today because I thought I was doing something wrong or maybe needed to re-install Bear to make it work.

I’m trying to create a text-based “database” of some simple personal records (e.g. heath records, car maintenance). I really don’t need to use an actual database for these; I like the idea of privacy and long-term data portability.

Are there any updates about Bear 2.X eventually supporting this?

Small workaround; not idea but it may help. In the table, place a link to another (potentially archived) note that contains the pictures. One extra click etc but still maintains table integrity at least!