Feature request: Embed image in a table cell

Hi guys, I have been using your app for a few weeks now, and quite enjoy it - especially the ability to use code blocks and overall the responsiveness of the app (compared to non-native “app in a browser” ones I tried, it is so much enjoyable to use) + seamless synchronisation on my devices.

I see that in the new Alpha version there is the ability to use tables which is great. It would be really useful if it would be possible to embed images (and other objects i.e. code blocks) into a table cell. For me, this feature along with the ability to resize images would really satisfy all I personally need from a note taking app.

Thanks for your work!

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Hello there,

last version has introduced image resizing, but for the moment we’re not going to support non-text inside tables.



Please have my vote as well. Images and multiline supports in tables would be fantastic :star_struck: