Importing from Evernote with Images inside Tables

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10670)

What were you doing: Import an enex export file that contains a table with images inside cells

What feature did you use: File → Import → Import from → Evernote

What happened: A table without images was created. But the preview panel shows images, so they seem to have been imported, but not visible within the note body.

What did you expect to happen: Bear should at least warn that it cannot import content that has images inside tables correcly.

Currently we end up not knowing that an import was incomplete

  • Optionally you could offer to either linearize the table or put the images beneath
  • Best case scenario would obviously be to support images inside tables

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Yes, this is a case we have not considered yet.
Thanks for reporting this problem.

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Is there any fix for this? This seems to be the one deal breaker for me.

Hello. I’m afraid we don’t have solution for displaying the images inside tables.

Is there any plan for this? It’s possible with Evernote and I’m desperately trying to move to another tool.