Merged cells, checkboxes, dividers in Evernote tables break table import in Bear

First time poster. I would be remiss if I did not mention that I am super impressed with Bear 2.0 and re-subscribed as a result of the great work the Bear team have put into it!

Testing version: 10688

What were you doing: Using Bear Evernote import to import enex file. Several notes have tables that use merged cells, checkboxes, and/or dividers in the cells.

What feature did you use: Bear’s Evernote importer.

What happened: Bear displays first one or two rows as a table and the rest as what I assume is broken html.

What did you expect to happen: For…

  1. Bear to import tables as they are, or to…
  2. Import the tables without the cells being merged (but still in a table), the checkboxes converted to [ ], and the divider lines converted to ---------- or ***, or…
  3. Some alternative that doesn’t break the tables.

Please send me one of those Evernote tables as .enex.
Markdown tables are limited and do not come with colspans, rowspans, dividers, and checkboxes support but, to not break the table on import, we “unroll” colspans. Maybe we can do something for those tables too.

Zipped file sent via DM. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot. I was able to fix the importer for soft dividers inside cells but we can’t provide a good solution for rowspans (vertically merged cells) and checkboxes at the moment.

Ok, I will think about how to work around this limitation. Thank you for the assistance!