Insert picture into a table

Testing version: Bear 2.0 - (9780)

What were you doing: Inserted picture (.jpeg) into a table cell.

What feature did you use: When standing in the table cell I clicked on Insert Image/File from Style Bar.

What happened: The table broke down into a markdown syntax.

What did you expect to happen: I would expect the table to stay in the user friendly preview.


our intention is to not support images inside the tables so here we probably should disable the relative button(s) when the caret is inside a table.

Thanks for reporting this bug.

Best Regards.

Hi trix180,

I find being able to place images or even scans/files into a table as quite handy. This allows you to give structure to screenshots, scans of bills and similar. Not sure how difficult is to support this functionality but I would have a ton of use cases to put this to work.

Thanks for considering!


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