‼️⚠️ Please avoid betas for iOS 17 and macOS 14 Sonoma. We don't support beta OSes, at least not this early in the process

Apple just released betas for its OSes coming this fall. While they can be fun, beta OSes often change (and subsequently break) lots of random things, and we just don’t have the time or motivation to play whack-a-mole with this stuff.

I know the new shiny can be tempting. I’ve run them in past years. But we’ve already seen reports from people running the developer betas of bizarre things that are broken, such as their cursor straight up disappearing.

Sorry to say this, but: If you need Bear 2 (or 1!) to get stuff done, we recommend staying away from the betas, at least on your must-work devices. But if you can’t help yourself:

  1. Don’t say we didn’t warn you
  2. Please don’t ask for fixes or a new beta to address iOS 17 and Sonoma stuff; it’s just too early


Are the cursor problems solved with iOS 17 and the “release candidate” proposed by Apple?
Should we wait until September 18 or longer?

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The version currently in the store is behaving ok on the iOS 17 public beta for me. I just started testing after Apple’s event. I know we have another small update to fix a few small bugs, but I’m doing my day-to-day stuff just fine.

As usual: please backup your device and, if possible, your Bear notes (use the ⋮ menu at the top of the Sidebar, easy to save a backup somewhere).

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I’ve also installed the latest iOS 17 RC beta and no longer have any problems with the disappearing cursor. I had to downgrade to iOS 16 in mid-July.
Nice work, and thanks, I’m more zen knowing that Bear 2 is ready for iOS 17.
It now also works with iPadOS 17.