Some bugs running in Sanoma

Using the FCS release of Bear 2 in the Mac App Store, running into a few UI issues in the latest macOS Sanoma beta.

  1. The CTRL-1/2/3 commands will frequently bork the UI sizing. The sidebar may open huge. The whole window may become huge. The text area may shrink to a thin strip. In general, hitting these keys will bork the UI pretty reliably.

  2. Easy to get into a state where the editor won’t scroll - not via trackpad or mouse gesture, and even grabbing the scrollbar on the right side will “snap back” and never actually scroll. In fact, I can use the keyboard to move the cursor off the visible area of the note, and the note won’t scroll up to track the active cursor location.

Could well be Sanoma bugs, but as I don’t see this with other apps, it could be a special way that Bear uses system API that has changed, too.

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Good point, and understood - just passing along bugs I’ve seen. Certainly not expecting support.