Cursor not showing - iOS & iPadOS 17 bug - just an FYI

Testing version: (11657)

What were you doing: Just typical typing and formatting

What feature did you use: All features

What happened: The cursor does not show any where at any time, even when trying to select text.

What did you expect to happen: The cursor to always show, so you you know where you’re typing.

@trix180 I don’t expect this to be fixed anytime soon, I just wanted you to know. In fact, this could resolve itself at the next beta release

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I don’t have this issue on the same app version, for what it’s worth.


do you mean the caret or the cursor (mouse pointer)? Any chance you can provide a video?

@trix180 I mean where the cursor should be blinking to show you where your typing will be when you start using the keyboard. See attached video.
If I force quite the App, the problem goes away for a short time. Then after I leave the first or second note that I have edited, and go to a third note the problem will present itself and not go away until I force quit the app. As I said this could be an iOS/iPadOS 17 issue too…

@trix180 This video is immediately after force quitting the app. It works as it should:

I have this same issue both on iPad OS and iOS 17. Happened since the most recent beta. I’m running Version 2 (11657) and iOS and iPad OS Beta 2.

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I’ve seen this on iOS.

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@trix180 FWIW, this bug is making Bear unusable on iOS and iPadOS 17.

There’s literally no cursor icon showing, so you can’t easily tell where the cursor is in the doc. Also, if you highlight or select text, it’s almost impossible to know what text was highlighted.

If you need any further video screencasts on this, I can provide.

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@trix180 I have installed 17 beta 3. The problem seems to have gone a way on my iPad, but still there on my iPhone.

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Hah. I just installed iOS Beta 3 and it works fine now on the iPhone — will check so see if it’s cleared up on iPad OS 17 too.

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@trix180 @danmills7 It crept up again for me on iPad OS. Happened after I used Drafts Actions to create a note. When I went into the note, no cursor icon was appearing on any line I was touching to start editing. I hard closed the app, opened again, and the cursor is appearing fine.

As long as I can get back to a good state, I’m okay for now, but methinks this is a legit issue that still lurks. Any other iOS/iPad OS 17 folks seeing issues? Wonder how many beta users are also iOS/iPad OS 17 beta users.

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@trix180 I’m still seeing this in what I assume is the RC with the welcome notes.

I think this is an iOS problem, rather than a Bear problem. I’ve seen it across other apps in the developer build

We can’t fix issues for the iOS/iPadOS beta at the moment. This also sounds like an OS bug (hopefully)

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That’s ok, I don’t think anyone here would expect you to get on this immediately, being that you are focused on shipping v.2 next week. When Apple ships beta 4, I’ll post an update here.

Can confirm. For me it happens, when I hide the sidebar completly. So probably an iPadOS issue

FYI - in my testing this appears to be resolved on the iPad. Oddly enough, the problem persists on iOS. Both running beta 4 of 17.

Ok, I was wrong. The problem has returned. If you depend on Bear to get work done - DO NOT upgrade to iPad/iOS 17. It get’s to be very irritating (and this is not Bear’s fault).

For what it’s worth, iOS 17 beta 4 fixed the issue for me on my iPhone (and it’s still working currently), but still doesn’t work on iPad.


Happens to me as well. Although the cursor started showing up now, but when I highlight text, the highlight color is completely gone.

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