Preference to not auto-save empty notes

Bear’s current behavior is to auto-save notes, including empty ones. In my case, this causes my Bear DB to fill up with empty notes based on my occasional workflow. Here’s a daily example:

  • I’ll be on a call with some work colleagues, then need to begin jotting our thoughts
  • I open Bear and begin to scribe some quick notes
  • I’ll clean up these notes, then cut/paste them into Slack for my team to permanently capture / share
  • Now I have an empty note in Bear I wish would go away — instead, these pile up and I have to find / delete them

My ideal behavior would be the following mix:

  1. The empty note is auto-deleted if I switch focus anywhere else. Apple Notes follows this pattern, if you need an existing inspiration.
  2. Knowing that some people prefer the current design choice, making this behavior controlled by a user preference

That brings me to another idea: What about a search expression “@empty” that would find those empty notes quickly?

I had considered proposing that, but it seemed limited: once you search for empty notes, you would then need to perform additional actions to select and delete them.

Here is an Apple Shortcut that maybe does what you want:

Install shortcut: Delete Empty Bear Notes | Shortcuts

Runs on Mac, iPad and iPhone

Hope that works for you :slight_smile:


That’s an elegant and obvious feature, with hindsight. Thanks for that, hope it gets implemented !

@roar That’s a clever workaround — thanks for sharing this Shortcut! I just got done manually cleaning out my empty notes, so I’ll give this a go during my next round of maintenance.