Deleted empty notes show up in trash

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing: Empty notes show up in trash.

What feature did you use: Deleting empty notes.

What happened: I was looking through deleted notes and I noticed several empty notes that I deleted after accidentally creating new notes (happens once in a while).

What did you expect to happen: These notes are completely empty. They have the greyed out placeholder title “A wonderful new note” and have nothing in them. I would expect them to disappear instead of showing up as individual empty notes in trash, since there are nothing in the notes at all so there’s nothing worth retaining.

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I don’t think it’s a bug because it has been present in Bear 1 (the current app) for since the beginning. It is sorta dumb though. Probably a necessary thing given the nature of Bear’s database.

Yeah, but there should be a way to detect that it is completely empty and make it disappear? Maybe I’m missing something here. I have myself to blame for deleting quite a number of empty notes, but it’s weird to leave them there or have to periodically go into trash to permanently delete them.

I think it is not a bug but a totally senseless feature to keep totally empty notes in the trash can. Nobody would go back to the trash to revive an empty note rather than just creating a new one

I can confirm this is not a bug but I can see the expectations might be to not find the empty notes in the trash. I’ll discuss this with the team.

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