Trash folder view

It would be a good UX if the Trash folder would disappear only when there are no deleted messages in it. If there are notes in the Trash, the folder would be visible. This will help the user to know when there are messages that need to be permanently deleted.

There was one topic a while ago that said “I have deleted 1500 notes from trash”, sometimes people are not aware that they have notes in trash.

This feature is on a really granular level (and for most people unnecessary), but still, it can be a nice touch.

Today the Trash can icon looks “empty” when no notes in trash:

And looks “half full” when there are notes in trash:

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This is a good example. I am using Bear daily, and I didn’t notice that. Thank you for pointing it out for me. Now I will probably look at it every once in a while. :slight_smile:

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Make sure you also empty it once in a while too :sweat_smile:


That could help, from time to time :joy:

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