Quick way to add internal links?

While I generally create internal links/wiki links as I type, there are instances where I go back and highlight text to turn them into new notes.

I noticed that in Bear 2 we can now highlight text and add single square brackets. But trying to add a second square bracket removes the single square bracket instead.

It’ll be useful to be able to add internal links either by highlighting the text and typing two square brackets, or some other shortcut to turn the text into internal links like how CMD+K works for links.

My current workaround is to just select the text, cut, type double square brackets, and then paste the text back in and close the brackets.

I do see the benefit of adding internal links through typing double square brackets since it then shows a dropdown of notes to choose from, thus potentially reducing the likelihood of creating a notes with a wrong title instead of linking to an existing one.


+1 from me. Almost all apps that have wiki links allow this.

I think we can add a menu item for the wikis and make it work as every inline styler (bold, emphasis, …), so when you select some text and hit the menu you’ll have the text surrounded by square brackets. We have to consider opening or not the note selection dropdown when the menu is hit without any selection.