Ability to switch off automatic internal links

There are times when I wish a note to include the coding - double square brackets - for what Bear interprets as internal links without it being activated as such, so that it remains visible as just raw code and is not treated as an internal link within Bear. This is usually where I am writing something which I will later copy to another application or to a document or to the web. As an example, I have some standard text I use frequently on a website, which includes a phrase within double square brackets which the website then turns into an internal link on the website.

Any chance of this being considered? If this is already possible, I apologise.

I recall that, in the days when I used Ulysses, it was possible to switch off automatic implementation of coding, by preceding the coding with a backward slash.

I hope my explanation is clear.


you can use the \ to escape the wiki link markers as follows \[[Bear\]] and the link won’t work. However, if you plan to copy and paste those, I suggest using right-click > copy as > rich text to avoid the \ being copied.

Thanks so much. That is great to know.