Links iOS implementation

How are internal links implemented in IOS panda? Just via the [[ markdown?

Is there a visual difference between internal and external links? Important for zettelkasten folk.

Hi Nat,

yes, internal links will still be done with the [[ syntax.

At the moment there is no difference, but I agree that we need to work on that, thanks for the input!

Can I also suggest this applies to links to headings? In the current bear, links to headings appear as though they are external links. When I use them I tend to add a note or symbol indicating they’re internal. Would be easier if this was automatic. Internal and external links are very different from the perspective of someone skimming over notes.

One more thought. In existing bear I can initiate a link by pressing the button on the menu bar. In panda I have to click four times on the keyboard to get the [[ shortcut. Seems like a retrograde step. The fast implementation of links is one of the best things about bear IMHO.

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