Quickly deleting a line

When editing a note, I noticed that you can’t quickly delete a line via ⌘ + ⇧ + ⌫. Instead it asks if you “Are you sure you want to permanently delete the notes in the trash?” This is strange seeing as I’m not in that context. I’m writing and editing a note that isn’t in the trash. I should be able to delete a whole line via that command. This is pretty standard in just about every app I’ve used. Workaround for now is highlighting the text first via ⌘ + ⇧ + ← then hitting delete. Just found this behavior strange.



I was not aware of ⌘⇧⌫ can be used for line deletion. Unfortunately, we used that keystroke for permanent note deletion since Bear 1 but I’ll discuss this with the team.

We just realized the outcome of ⌘⇧⌫ and ⌘⌫ is pretty much the same in XCode (not sure about the other apps you mentioned) and ⌘⌫ works in Bear for deleting lines.

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You’re absolutely right. Command + Delete works the same. I guess it’s just a little weird that you can be writing and or editing a note and think I need to permanently delete my notes and just do that from the editor. Never did this in Bear 1. I’d wanna be in the trash making sure I know what notes are being deleted forever. Anyway, I can remove this post as it’s definitely not that big a deal at all.

By the way, the other apps this works in besides Xcode: Notes, Craft, Obsidian, Slack, Notion to name a few.

Sorry, this post might have been a waste of time.

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