Recent email regarding price

I just received the email about the prices. How do I subscribe? The app says I’m already Pro user (due to beta testing) but I don’t see how to subscribe otherwise.

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I was about to write exactly the same question. I’ve been trying to subscribe from iPhone , iPad and Mac, but I the App Store, doesn’t allow me, and it’s also saying that I have yearly subscription active ? I guess that’s because I have been using the version from TestFlight.

If you had an discontinued subscription of Bear you can reactivate it with in the abo/subscription section within the App Store.

Or you delete the beta on one device and install Bear 1 and subscribe there.

Thank you. Looks like I’ll need to do option #2 as I had a Bear subscription but it’s not showing up in the App Store. I’m sure option #2 will work.

Thanks!!! I had tried to delete yesterday but I didn’t work for me… this morning I deleted the beta, restarted the phone and install Bear 1 and then I was able to the the subscription.

For me option #1 didn’t work either as it was not showing in the App Store, maybe it’s because I had it active too long ago ?