Reference-style links are not styled as other links are

Testing version: 1648

What were you doing: Using reference-style links

What feature did you use: linking

What happened: The links work and the markdown is hidden but the text is not styled blue like other links.

What did you expect to happen: The text to resemble other links.

Hello and thanks for reporting this issue.
Can you please send me a test file where this is happening? We might have already fixed this issue or it’s happening in some special conditions. If you can send me the markdown file a screenshot is also fine.

Here is an example file and screenshot of what I see, it happens for me every time. (123 Bytes)

Thanks. The file shows correctly here but I noticed you are using a custom font the problem is caused by a custom theme, might that be the case?

Oh, yeah I’m sorry I totally forgot that I set up a custom theme.

Sorry for the bogus issue.