Render equations / latex

Would be really useful to have support for equations written using latex, using mathjax, katex, or similar so that users who need to write quantitative notes can do so



This is something we’d like to add to the editor, it’s not on the top of our list, but it’s going to be there eventually :slight_smile:


This would be huge! Please please consider bumping this up.


This is one of the reasons I keep and I will keep using Dropbox Papers and iA Writer for the time beings. I have math in 90% of my documents :smile:

I know it is not easy and there are other priorities. I am very happy for Bear’s progresses anyway. But I’ll be waiting eagerly for this!


This is SOOO important to me. I’m an AI researcher, and this one major feature keeps me from doing a lot of my note-taking in Bear.


I agree, having latex formulae integration would be a huge feature for a lot of researcher in STEM like me who take a lot of notes during the day and wants to share tidy summaries with teammates. Notion and Paper Dropbox have latex integration, but also very messy user experience and interface. I wouldn’t think twice to switch to bear if it had latex :wink:


Just want to put in my agreement. LaTeX would really push Bear over the edge and address most of my use cases as a student. I can finally leave Notion/Typora and just use Bear for all my needs

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100% agree, this is my number 1 feature request for a long time and I would be so happy to see it with the new editor.

From the point of view of the dev, I also think it also would attract a whole new base to Bear: there is currently no great note-taking app for researchers where you can take notes simply, write some equations, include some images in a nice modern note-taking framework. Typora and Marktext are good but no cloud management and no iOS version. Same for IA writer. Bear would be the only app with rendered equations and that would likely make it a goto app for so many people!

Please add this feature.


+1 for rendered mathjax, à la Typora / Mark Text. As a researcher, it would expand greatly the use of Bear. I would be willing to pay additional money for this feature!


I really hope this feature will be included with the new editor. As a student in econ, it would expand so much my use of Bear, and I’m 100% sure most of my peers would consider switching to Bear because of this.

The main reason is: there is currently no good latex/mathjax option on iOS (Texpad maybe, but it’s a bit cumbersome), which is a huge limitation for my iPad because it means that, as soon as I want to write some equations, I need my computer. I tried to just add some written text with the stylus in bear, but it often looks ugly and the integration of images within text is still pretty poor.

With Mathjax, Bear would basically have a monopoly on the iPad with this feature, if it’s done well and properly (good mathjax integration, nice inline rendering like Typora, but without the “lag” when you start to have long notes).

Please add this feature!


Same here - this is the one missing feature for me - above all else…


This would be a huuuuuge improvement for me, and it’s be an old demand from the community. Please consider adding this feature soon


A massive +1 for this feature.

Right now I write my notes with math in Typora and copy the file in a Bear note, which is very cumbersome. I tried other options (writing in LaTeX in Bear and them reading them with Marked 2) but none of them were practical. In the end, I use a notebook for my short math notes and write a proper LaTeX file for longer ones, but it would be so much better to have everything in Bear…


+1 to Latex! A good fraction of my notes would benefit from Latex.


+1 for LaTeX. Even adding HTML entities would help as a start, and they’re part of CommonMark already:

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A huge +1 here! For people who work with science it will be vital, and it will be beautiful to have this in Bear so my notes don’t have to scatter all over the place just for proper equation rendering.

I think the dev mentioned they were thinking about including the feature. Could someone from Bear app confirm this?

I came here just to show support for this. It would put bear on some next level and pretty much cover every need I have. This being the most critical one missing.

This would be essential for me too. Please, consider increasing the priority of this…

here to show support for this, would definitely take the bear experience to another level! Can also contribute to any open source work relating to this (if that’s a thing).