Rendering issue on textbundle import

Testing version:
MacOS 2.0.2

What were you doing:
Importing a document from craft with quotes

What feature did you use:
Import from Textbundle

What happened:
I exported a multi-line quoted document from Craft, which looks like this:

The code for which, in the Textbundle, is this:

# Test

> This is a multi line quote
Which looks normal in craft
But abnormal elsewhere

In Bear, the imported document looks like this:

If I select before “Which” and press the space bar, the alignment for everything else is resolved:

I imagine this is a bug in the way Craft renders their textbundle, but it also seems that Bear does not “cope” with the render in a way I’d expect. I’d think that the second two lines would simply have no quotation mark, rather than “bleeding” over it.

What did you expect to happen:
Rendering to behave in a more predictable way.

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Just confirming this still exists in the latest version