Export to PDF/JPG incorrectly aligns long quotes

Please see below a bug report for an issue with exporting from the current release of Bear.

Testing version:
Version 2.1 (12333)

What were you doing:
Exporting a note with quote that is long and wraps over several lines.

What feature did you use:
Export to PDF via Shortcuts.
Export to PDF via Bear app
Export to JPG via Bear app

What happened:
The note has a quote that line wraps. This correctly displays in Bear, and also correctly exports via HTML.

However, when exporting to PDF or JPG the quote wraps to the edge of the page, not the edge of the quotes vertical line. As a result the second, third etc. lines of the quote overwrite the quote vertical line.

This can be easily reproduced by creating a simple note with a multiline quote and exporting to PDF.

What did you expect to happen:
Quote to be correctly formatted, with all text indented to the right of the quote line as would happen if manual line breaks are added to the quote.

Thanks for reporting this issue, we’ll provide a bug fix as soon as possible.

Thank you, appreciate the consideration.