Reordering of ordered lists fails with top item

Testing version: 1.0 (1648)

What were you doing: Moving ordered list items up and down

What feature did you use: cmd+opt+up/down-arrows

What happened:

  1. Moving item to top,
  2. or moving top item down:
    Auto renumbering get confused!

What did you expect to happen: auto-renumber list normally, like it’s done when moving only below top item.


I think you are referring to numeration changing when the elements are moving up and down. We thought about how to behave in this situation but unfortunately, each scenario has pretty important downsides. I think you might prefer a numeration of the selected element, but many may see this as not the expected behavior and be surprised by the change of the selected element. We’ll give this another round of thoughts.

Thanks for reporting this.