Request for monospaced font options

I wasn’t originally going to make a feature request like this because I know how big of an update this is already, but I realized there’s probably not a better time.

I love the font options for regular fonts in Bear, but I’ve become addicted to having Inconsolata in as many places in my life for monospaced fonts as I can. I know that there are other monospaced fonts people love, and maybe this could be added as an option in an overhaul?

I typically find that Inconsolata needs to be one point size larger than other fonts (monospaced or dynamic-width) to look *right*, which would require an independent slider for monospaced font size or just a hard-coded adjustment to be one size larger. (Though I don’t know if everyone would agree with my personal assessment)


The new editor was designed to do this! You can pick a different font for the headers/text/code. It’s not exposed in the UI, but it’s going to be there, internally it’s something like this:

I’ve just explained something about our approach to typography -> New Editor Typography

Hopefully this is what you wanted :wink: