Request: Optionally remove tags when exporting and printing

Like it says, option to print without hashtags.


Yes, this is something we discussed and we do need some kind of export panel to accommodate export and format-specific options. Printing might be tricky as we rely on system dialogs.


the obvious workaround would be to export as PDF and print that.

@trix180 A suggestion, would be to have a place in the info panel where tags could be added, rather than in the body of the note. The author could use both places (body & info panel) if needed, but for those who want to be able to Print or export as PDF without tags in the body of the note - using the “meta data” portion of the note to store tags would solve this problem. Thoughts?

Agreed. tags are not part of the note content so they should not be printed IMO.

This option has been implemented for a while, under General options, keep tags during export. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah! perfect. Thanks for letting me know. The option might be better worded as…

“Keep tags during Export/Print”

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